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Wood Pellets 15 kg wholesale


Holz Pellets

Your wholeseller of top-class fuels in Vienna

When it comes to choosing the right wholesale for Eco-fuels, whether for business or private needs, you can count on
KAUS Holz Pellets. We offer our clients quick delivery and competitive summer prices. Pellet heating has become more popular in recent years thanks to low costs and environmental friendliness, but the quality of the products is appreciated as never before. We ensure you quick delivery of top-quality pellets, free from worry. Let us know about your wishes and we will be taking care of everything else.


Unsere Marke

Our products

Quality is our highest priority

 KAUS Holz Abete Bianco wood pellets

KAUS Premium

100% Fir wood

Diameter: 6 mm
Net Caloric Value: ⩾ 4,8 kWh/kg
 0,4 %
 8 %
Certificate: ENplus A1 AT360

KAUS Holz Abet Bianco wood pellets


100% Fir wood

Diameter: 6 mm
Net Caloric Value: ⩾ 4,8 kWh/kg
 0,4 %
 8 %
Certificate: ENplus A1 AT360

RUF Briquettes wholesale

RUF Briquettes

Spruce, Pine

Net Caloric Value: ⩾ 4,8 kWh/kg

Ash:  0,3 %

Only natural sawdust, without adhesives or artificial additives.

Big Bags Wood pellets

KAUS Holz Pellets BigBags

Delivery of pellets in 1-2 t Big Bags.

Pellets of your choice.

Bulk Load wood pellets

KAUS Holz Pellets Bulk Loads

We also offer delivery in form of bulk loads. Pellets of your choice.

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Quality certificate

Our products are manufactured from wood of the highest quality and processed and stored according to certain standards. As a result, we were issued an A1 certificate.

ENplus A1 wood pellets




We deliver our products right to your doorstep. Delivery to West and Central Europe takes 2-3 days, to Central Italy - 4-5 days, to South Italy - 23-30 days.

We offer two types of delivery:

1. Truck delivery (DAP) or

2. Sea freight (FOB, CIF, DAT)

wood pellets wholesale truck
Container wood pellets wholesale


Our minimum order is a full load.

In a truck - 24 150 kg. One order contains 23 pallets.

In one container - 27 300 kg. One order contains 26 pallets. 


The pellets can also be packed in big bags of 1000/1200 kg per bag.  We also deliver pellets in the form of bulk load.

RUF Briquettes are packed in 10 kg bags. One order contains 22 pallets with 96 bags each - 21 120 kg.

Pallet wood pellets wholesale
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KAUS Holz Pellets
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