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KAUS Premium

KAUS Premium

Raw material

Clean fir shavings, no bark, no binders.



Pellets 6 mm in diameter, less than 40 mm long. Our unique pellets consist of 100% fir wood. The top-quality pellets show the white colour of fir wood, high caloric value and low ash content.

Technical features

Net Caloric Value     ≥ 4,8 kWh/kg     

Diameter                    6 ± 1 mm

Length                       ≤ 40 mm              

Moisture                     ≤ 8%

Ash                              ≤ 0,4%                 

KAUS Wood Pellets Abete Bianco
KAUS Wood Pellets 15 kg


PE bag        15 kg                                   

Pallet          1050 kg/70 bags

BigBag        1000-2000 kg                   

Bulk              Bulk-container                   


Store in dry place. Suitable for all stove, boiler and fireplace types designed for firing wood pellets.

ENplus A1 AT360
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