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Die Pellets verfügen über sehr geringen Emissionen. Die Pellets höchster Qualität, elektronische System der Heizanlage und hohe Temperatur im geschlossenen Heizraum führen zu sauberer und benutzerfreundlicher Heizung.


In einer Pelletheizanlage entsteht knapp 1 kg Asche pro Jahr in einem größerem Einfamilienhaus, was im Alltag unauffällig ist.

How to choose the best pellets?

How are they made?

The raw material is the by-products of sawmills, e.g. sawdust and wood shavings. They are first dried, then pressed, cooled and packed. Drying uses heat and electricity, generated by burning bark - another by-product of sawmill.


KAUS Holz Lumber
ENplus KAUS Wood Pellets

What does ENplus mean?

The quality of wood pellets is regulated by the ISO 17225-2 standard and certified with the ENplus A1 mark.


According to ENplus A1 only such properties are permissible:


Moisture ≤ 10 m-%

Ash  ≤ 0,7 m-%

Mechanical durability ≥ 98.0 m-%

Net Calorific value ≥ 4.6 kWh/kg


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