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The actual pellet prices


Despite quite a big investment at the beginning, pellet heating saves a lot of costs after only a few years and in the long run becomes noticeably cheaper than alternative fuels. The secret is a well-engineered heating system with an efficiency of more than 90%, which perfectly converts the fuels into heat.


The prices are only subject to small natural fluctuations and is often more stable than oil and natural gas prices. Wood pellet prices remain stable for years.

Vergleich von Energiepreisen
Preis 15 kg bag pellets

Price advantage

According to ProPellets Austria, the price of pellets in bags is on average € 4.02 per 15-kg bag (when ordering a pallet) or 26.77 cents/kg.

Price comparison

If you compare the price of heating with pellets with other energy sources, which are very common in towns and villages, you can see a big price advantage.

Energy sources in comparison


proPellets Austria – Netzwerk zur Förderung der Verbreitung von Pelletsheizungen

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