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Benefits of wood pellets


Compared to fossil fuels, pellets are more sustainable, environmentally friendly and support regional economies. The raw material comes from a renewable source - from the forest, whose areas in Austria are constantly increasing.


The trees take as much CO2 while growing as is released during combustion and so the CO2 balance in the air remains constant and there are no harmful effects on the environment.


Even if you include a non-CO2-neutral transport of pellets, you can see a CO2 reduction of over 95% compared to heating oil.



Pellets have very low emissions. Top-quality pellets, an electronic heating system and high temperature in the boiler result in clean and user-friendly heating.


A pellet heating system produces just 1 kg of ash per year in a larger detached house, which is inconspicuous in everyday life.


1 ton of pressed fuel corresponds to the energy output of 4 m3 of dry wood and thus saves a lot of space at home.


With pellet central heating, wood pellets from the pellet storage are brought fully automatically to the boilers. There is no need to worry about activation, control, boiler cleaning and ash removal - currently, all these processes are fully automated.


A more compact version is a pellet stove, which requires ashes to be removed only once in 1-2 weeks and can heat the house for 2-3 days once filled with pellets.

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