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RUF Briketts

RUF Briquettes

Raw material

Clean shavings and sawdust of spruce and pine wood, no bark, no binders.



The cuboid-shaped briquettes show light colour. Briquettes possess a high degree of compaction and very low ash content. It is characterised by a long burning time.

Technical features

Size                                 15x610 cm    

Net Caloric Value         ≥ 4,8 kWh/kg

Ash                                 ≤ 0,3%            

Moisture                        ≤ 6%

RUF Briquettes
RUF Briquettes wholesale


PE pack       10 kg (12 Br. each 1 kg)

Pallet           960 kg/96 bags


Store in a dry place. If carefully stored in a dry place can be kept for years. Suitable for fireplaces, tiled stoves and other heating devices. Easy packaging with no major storage area demands.

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